Welcome to HR International Inc.

HR International Incorporated have been supplying crushing and vibrating equipment for over 100 years to a wide range of industries all over the world.

HR International Incorporated machinery is designed for long life and low maintenance. Our equipment is so durable that we are still providing support for Hewitt Robinís equipment that is over 50 years old.

Our product range provides an extensive selection of vibrating equipment including all types of vibrating screens, vibrating feeders, vibrating grizzly feeders and car shakeouts.

HR International Incorporated recognizes that machine downtime means loss of production and customer profitability. Our spare parts warehouse store comprehensive levels of stock for all our machinery and we even carry stock for well known Hewitt Robins machinery such as the "Grizzly King", "Rockboss", "Rockram", "Gyrex Screens" and "Hammermill Crushers"

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